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Pricing ~ 2023

***All prices are per pound on finish weight unless otherwise noted***



Per fleece as needed. I prefer not to do this! See skirting in Information.

Washing ~ Standard


Most in-the-grease wools and average dirt fleeces. See scouring in Information. 

Washing ~ Extreme


Extreme dirt or grease fleeces and wash only services.



This machine opens the locks to prepare for carding. Blending begins here also.

Carding ~ Standard


Medium/coarse wools that are clean, crimpy, not matted and have average staple length.

Carding ~ Fine


Fibers that need some extra attention such as dual coats, minimal crimp, a lot of vegetable matter, fibers with lice, etc. 

Carding ~ Super Fine


Super fine wools that must be run very thin and very slow thru the card.

Pin Draft ~ Standard


This machine further combs and aligns the fibers and arranges them into the nice coil.

Pin Draft ~ Special


Higher charge for short staple lengths, minimal crimp, or pencil roving.

Minimum charge is $30 per fleece.

So a fee example for a decently clean and well skirted Jacob fleece would be $8 per lb. for washing, $4 per lb. for picking, $11 per lb. for carding and $4 per lb. for pin drafting for a total of $27 per finished lb. An exceptionally fine and greasy Merino fleece would be $10 to wash, $4 to pick, $16 to card and $4 to pin draft for a total of $34 per finished lb.

We are doing everything possible to keep the prices down. We find that most batches go through the shop smoothly. But we do have the occasional fleece that requires exceptional extra attention in order to work through each of the machines and become a useable fiber. These extra challenge areas are where we have implemented the price increases. We will only charge the higher rates at the operation(s) that requires extra time and attention. For example; a fleece may be extra dirty and incur the higher wash rate but once it is thoroughly cleaned it may go thru the other machines smoothly and would be invoiced at the lower rates for the remaining operations. Each fleece is unique and is handled with care accordingly.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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