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Work Orders

Work orders are to be used if you are sending fiber to Morro Fleece Works for processing. Please follow the instructions below for filling out a work order to include with your fleece.


Your invoice will be due at the completion of your order, not necessarily when you receive your fiber.Please decide whether to ship, deliver, or pick up your order in advance and stick to it.


Creating these work orders is optional. You can still just send in your basic instructions on any piece of paper or a business card with your fiber. Here at the shop, we will always have a work order with every fleece but this feature gives you the option to make your own ahead of time. Otherwise, we will write them up when your fleeces arrive here.

We will need one work order for each fleece or batch of incoming fiber. You can opt to print just one work order to mail in and we will create the rest when your fiber gets here; or you can create all of your separate work orders here.

If you are already a client of ours and you have not moved, changed phone or e-mail then we will have you in our computer. We will only need your personal name or business/farm name for the contact info.

If you are sending in multiple fleeces or batches, you only need all of your personal contact info on one of the forms. You do not need to fill in all of this info on every work order.

Name, address, phone and e-mail are self explanatory. (Your name is on this form twice because it is folded in half while it follows your order through the mill.)

Fiber color, animal name and fiber are optional but very helpful to us. This would be something like: “brown” “Gretchen” and “Romney X”.

Raw weight is optional. We do not weigh incoming raw fiber. We bill on finished weight only so raw weight is not necessary for us. If you want to see your skirt/grease/dirt/second cuts loss percentage than you may want to weigh the fleece before sending it so you can compute the difference.

Washed weight is also optional. If you have scoured the fiber yourself and there is no additional washing needed then the weight should be about the same for incoming and billing. Any loss would be short fibers (second cuts) and stickers or vegetable matter. In the shop, we use washed weight for when we are doing a blend and someone wants a specific percentage blend or wants to know their end result percentage blend.

Blend is a basic yes or no answer. If yes, please specify. If you are sending a raw sheep fleece and also one lb. of washed mohair then instructions might be “Blend with enclosed mohair and provide finished percentages.” Or if your fleece(s) are multicolored like a spotted Jacob or an appaloosa lama then your instructions might state “Blend thoroughly”. Other blending might read “Spiral with some red Firestar at pin drafting” or “Spiral with my enclosed rayon sliver”. Click here to see the details about spiral blending.

Batt, loose roving, felt or pin drafted coils are your general choices. We also do wash or scouring only for folks or wash and pick only. This can be written in the special instructions and then check none of the other service choice boxes. About 90% of our orders are for pin drafted roving, 2% for felts, 4% for batts and 4% for loose roving.

Special instructions can be any other comments or more specific instructions for blending. Examples: “Ship this fleece as soon as done, even if my other batches are not ready yet” or “This is for resale. Please make one lb. coils” or “I want the thinnest pin drafting possible – similar to pencil roving” or “No hurry on any of these fleeces – my fiber stash is enormous!” or “As per our conversation, I need this batch back to me by November 8th” or “If the staple length is too short on this fleece just blend it with my other grey fleece”.

On the bottom of the work order is my instructions on how to get the fiber back to you. Either ship or pickups are the options. If picking up at the shop; your invoice will be due at the completion of your order, not necessarily when you receive your fiber. If picking up at the shop or a show, the invoice should be paid ahead if the hold is anything more than one week. It is much easier for me to know up front whether an order is a pick up, delivery or a ship. How we package it up as it gets done makes a big difference. Changes on this make extra boxing and handling time for us. Try to decide to ship, deliver, or pick up in advance and stick to it please.

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