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Fiber Mill Equipment For Sale

I will be retiring and closing Morro Fleece Works in the near future. My primarily commercial grade equipment is for sale as a lot for $90,000 or individual pieces are priced below. My machines are set up and well known for processing fine to very fine fiber without neps or noils. I will be selling all of my milling equipment including my carding machine and hopper (used for bulk processing), picker, pin drafter, and felting machine. All machines are running daily and are meticulously maintained. Details of the equipment are as follows: Ashworth Whitin Card with Hopper $60k •Can run super fines with 6 workers beautifully in a semi worsted prep •Has multiple speed controls/adjustments in order to run coarser fibers also •Has a batt maker attachment for creating a 3’ by 4’ batt •Set up with 220 volt - 3 phase power, Gunter 7.5 hp, 21.3 amp motor •Considered a compact worsted card – not a woolen card •Has a Boston Gear ACX motor controller (variable frequency drive (VFD)) •6’ 10” wide, 14’ 8” long, 6’ 1” high •+/-8000 lbs. class 85 truck shipping Hopper/Feed Box for Carder •Set up with 220 volt - 3 phase power, 3 – 1 hp, 2.94 amp motors •5’ 6” wide, 11’ long, 10’ high (shipping size: 5’ 6” wide, 11’ long, 7’ 11” tall) •+/-4000 lbs. Pin Drafter - Warner and Swasey model M-3650 $25k •Single head, 72 working combs – 36 top, 36 bottom •Coiler and counter with 4 coiling cans •220 volt - 3 phase power, 2 hp, 6.2 amp motor •Leeson Speedmaster VFD Inverter (motor speed control) •48” wide, 58” long, 73” tall •2002 trucking shows 900 lbs. @ rate code 85 (was crated) Patrick Green Power Picker $5k •3/4 hp, 110 volt (can be converted to 220 volt for modest fee) Belfast Mini Mill Wet Felter $4k •Makes a 3’ by 4’ felt up to 1 inch thick •110 volt •2002 shipping invoice shows 800 lbs. crated and code P65 or class 85

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